You might be wondering what “skilled nursing” means when it comes to home care. The term is directly related to the type of care that a patient is in need of at home. While many home care professionals can assist with day to day living tasks, skilled nurses provide treatment that can only be done by licensed nurses such as complex wound dressings, tube feedings, or monitoring rapidly changing health status.

Homecare has it’s advantages experience the difference

HomeCare Advantage nurses provide direct reliable care; manage, observe, and evaluate a patient’s condition; and teach the patient and or family caregiver about proper care.

Skilled nursing services include:

  • Certified wound care, wound VAC
  • High- and low-tech pediatrics
  • Medication management
  • Dressing changes
  • Diabetic teaching
  • CP assessments
  • Long-term care*
  • Vital signs

Compassionate Skilled Nursing

At HomeCare Advantage in Cranston, RI, we understand that just providing licensed home nursing care isn’t enough. Our professional staff makes it a priority to be compassionate and understanding of all of our patient’s unique needs.

Our skilled nurses are available around the clock to ensure that all medical needs are properly addressed. Our flexible homecare needs are available for as little as an hour per day to 24-hour total care. Ask about our FREE nursing assessments to help determine if living at home is the best option for patients.