Living with a chronic medical condition is a difficult challenge. Being able to remain in the comfort of one’s home can provide a therapeutic and supportive environment for the most challenging times and we believe that people with chronic conditions can indeed live happier healthier lives.

At HomeCare Advantage in Cranston, RI, we treat each patient as an individual with a focus on optimal outcomes. Our goal is to encourage independent living at home with successful management of a patient’s chronic disease to minimize the probability of disease exacerbation or hospitalization.

We provide comprehensive case management and reliable coordination of multi-disciplines in chronic conditions, wound care, and medication management.

Certified Wound Care

Home Care Advantage recognizes that chronic wounds are a major home health concern that presents many challenges. Education and training remain a key ingredient to providing quality care. HomeCare Advantage has developed a program that focuses on the challenges of dealing with a chronic wound. We have a plan that uses cutting-edge technology and advanced wound care products to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Your Family Is Our FamilyOver 20 Years of Home Care Experience

Wound Types Include:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Arterial, diabetic or stasis ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Chronic non-healing wounds
  • Fistulas and tubes
  • Wound Vacs

HomeCare Advantage also recognizes the importance of good knowledgeable clinicians, so our program is overseen by an experienced Certified Wound Care Specialist, who has set up a  comprehensive clinical training program that has been designed to:

  • Maximize the quality of life for a wound care patient.
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary care
  • Improve patient comfort
  • Decrease time spent on dressing changes
  • Improve healing time
  • Prevent complications
  • Reduce Hospitalizations
  • Improve patient outcomes

Home Care Advantage’s wound care team assesses the patient and determines, with the patient’s physician, a plan of care which is individualized to that patient’s specific wound care needs. Case conferences are held on a weekly basis to help facilitate the patients wound healing.  These conferences include an in-depth discussion along with analyzing current wound pictures and documentation.  The result is a comprehensive plan for best practice on a go-forward basis which is discussed with the Physician and then implemented.

On more chronic wounds, our Wound Care Specialist will assess and consult on a plan of attack discussing possible approaches to wound healing with the Physician. Weekly or monthly physician summaries are available upon request to track the progress of wound healing.

An essential part of wound healing is the coordination of services, pain management, education related to nutrition, and the quality of care by our professionals that makes up Home Care Advantage’s overall Wound Care and Management Program.

Physician Benefits

  • Focus of optimal outcomes
  • Thorough physical assessment
  • Enhanced communication to physician
  • Certified Wound Care Specialist Consultation (CWCA, FAAWM)
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Physician protocol compliance
  • Single-point of contact with Team Manager
  • Coordination of services
  • Photographic reporting of wound status available
  • Knowledgeable on latest advanced wound care products
  • Trained in wound vac therapy
  • Specific teaching guides for comprehensive care
  • Custom Wound Management Plan

Flexible Services

As with all of the home health care services provided by HomeCare Advantage, we are available for as little or as much as you need us. From one hour per day to round the clock care, we can meet your needs. Contact us today.